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Hi! This site is an ongoing project system to archive my work.I'm a digital journalist, editor, writer, artist, and audio technician, along with doing long and short term moderation work.
20, Mexican
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The Blog

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Update Log

July 31, 2022: I am a moderator on the Blaseball Zine Jam! this is a month long project where both solo and collaborative zine projects will be happening!
I'm also finished with my summer classes, so more updates to this site will be coming soon.

July 1, 2022:I made some updates to the system page! There's a bit more info on our system, and you can view who is currently fronting thanks to the PK fronters embed tool.
Additionally, I have a lot of art I'm going to be working on adding within the coming few weeks. Some of that art does get posted to twitter, so follow me there as well.

June 27, 2022:Things have settled for me again and I'm working on a few projects. A web right for some friends, a twine, a few mini zines, a written review, and some more art and writing. If you have any suggestions for content on this site let me know!

June 21, 2022: Colors and formatting finally updated and a filter/tag system has been introduced on the writing page page, thansk for patiennce again.

June 5, 2022:Hi hi hi it's . Im adding a bunch of new gifs to the site and I started witht the system page. It looks fun I like it. More soon smile.

June 4, 2022:Writing page is now live! Right now it's mostly fanfiction, I'm working on adding my other work now. Thanks <3

June 3, 2022:The Art page is now live! You can currently view almost all of my art from 2022/2021, I'm still working on recovering some stuff, so a full up to date page may take some time.

Next page will probably be the writing page, which will also take a lot of time to back up. Yes. I'm going to keep putting off my oddities page because teehee I hate myself.

May 31, 2022:All previous pages with content are now up to date, thank you for your patience. The oddities, writing, and art pages will be coming soon!

May 28, 2022: I'm redoing the style of my site again. Thank you neothemes, and stand by for updates.

MaF87A31y 27, 2022: Added title and favicon, added cursor effects, modified text sizes and appearance of the RSS Feed, added a chatbox. Working on adding some new links and features. Very tired. Thanks.

May 18, 2022: Removed reduntent about page and added socials to their own tab on the home page. Added a personal journal (currently running). Added a tab for system information (in progress) Added a tab for current interests/content I'm actively consuming at the moment (in progress).

I've abandoned the art page project as I can post all of my creative content through my dreamwidth feed.

Project Goals:

  • Backlog art and written content on dreamwidth.
  • Finish System page.
  • Make Interest Page.
  • Finish Oddities page.
  • Update marquee with new buttons and art.

  • May 15, 2022: Color changes, visual edits, figuring out what the hell to do with the art page. I've wrapped school for the semester, but I'm starting summer classes and will be finalizing some of my work for a religion class and one of my journalism classes.

    Check out the new link directory here!

    Project Goals:

  • Update marquee with new buttons and art.
  • Make subsection pages for Blaseball Fan Teams.
  • Stylize page for Spotify Playlists.
  • Figure Out Lightbox/Gallery for my projects.