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My name is Avery, this site is an ongoing project system to archive my work.I'm a digital journalist, editor, writer, artist, and audio technician, along with doing long and short term moderation work.




Professional Twitter: @ackasi

Blaseball/Personal Twitter: @averyblase

Private Twitter (18+, Mutuals Only): @sporesandstars

Tumblr: mexicocitywildwing


Itch.io: itch.io

hauntedUPDATE LOGhauntedUPDATE LOGhaunted

May 18, 2022: Removed reduntent about page and added socials to their own tab on the home page. Added a personal journal (currently running). Added a tab for system information (in progress) Added a tab for current interests/content I'm actively consuming at the moment (in progress).

I've abandoned the art page project as I can post all of my creative content through my dreamwidth feed.

Project Goals:

  • Backlog art and written content on dreamwidth.
  • Finish System page.
  • Make Interest Page.
  • Finish Oddities page.
  • Update marquee with new buttons and art.

  • May 15, 2022: Color changes, visual edits, figuring out what the hell to do with the art page. I've wrapped school for the semester, but I'm starting summer classes and will be finalizing some of my work for a religion class and one of my journalism classes.

    Check out the new link directory here!

    Project Goals:

  • Update marquee with new buttons and art.
  • Make subsection pages for Blaseball Fan Teams.
  • Stylize page for Spotify Playlists.
  • Figure Out Lightbox/Gallery for my projects.
  • hauntedPAST PROJECTShaunted