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I'm Avery, I'm a Mexican butch-trans-dyke, (21) I use any pronouns. I post about real sports, fake sports, music, art, tech, and video games. Bylines include: The Daily Wildcat, KAMP Radio, Blaseball News Network, Tucson Weekly, and Al Jisr

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  • the boner is like the ring apron; the hardest part of the ring
  • Became a furry through passive exposure.
  • they should create a gameboy link cable for lesbians
  • At least we have 1989s Pretty Hate Machine
  • meow meow meow
  • Hi Nel 💕
  • Something in me wants more. I cannot rest.
  • Released

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[WHC Project Forum]

This is a forum for projects, job postings, zines, resourses and media for friends, mutuals and peers. Named after where I found creative joy with people I love.

[CDMX Blaseball Forum]

This is where you can find the Mexico City Wild Wings blaseball team community post-release.

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I use both of these sparringly, largely for discovery instead of posting. You can also send me a DM to ask for my private mutual Tumblr


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Ackasi-Avery Jan 2023

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