Link Directory


Pronouns 101 // a guide on how to use gender neutral and neopronouns
Reverse Thesaurus //find related words
Journalist Resource Spreadsheet //a personal spreadsheet i created with style guides and resources for journalists
FOIA Letter Generator //generate letters for public records, under the freedom of information act
Paranoid's Bible //a guide to erase yourself online, one day i will use this
w3 School //the best free teaching tool for coding on the internet
PasteBin //a text sharing website
GifCities //an expansive archive of gifs from geocities curated by the internet archive
Community Radio Toolkit //community radio resources
Lets Decentralize //resources on how to decentralize the web
Terms of Service //browse condensed versions of various terms of service documents
Native Viewer //do you know what indigenous land you are standing on? find out here

art fun and creativity

Palette Generator // make color palettes
KidPix // my favorite art tool as a child, now in browser
Electric Zine Maker // A fun, pay what you want, piece of software for making zines
This Person Does Not Exist // an ai face generator i use for facial references
Magnet Poetry // an in browser magnet poetry
Blaseball // a live baseball simulator with funny names and dead players, the fans vote to change the rules of the splort

reading materials

Library Spreadsheet // my personal spreadsheet of every physical and digital piece of media i own, a constant work in progress
The Cutting Room Floor // a wiki of cut content from video games
Queer Zine Archive Project // A site to preserve queer zines and make them available to other queers, researchers, historians, punks, and anyone else who has an interest DIY publishing and underground queer communities.
Angry Trans // a personal blog for being angry and transgender
Digital Transgender Archive // trans people have existed forever
Low Tech Mag // a magazine focusing on the development and adoption of low-technology solutions
Banned Book Directory //A list of banned books, documents, and conspiracy theories I’m currently reading through
Anarchists Library //a library of anarchists texts
Muckrock // a site dedicated to the filing, tracking, and access of public records requests
Obsolete Media // a reference guide of now obsolete and defunct media formats
Havovscope // information and threat intelligence on the global black market
TV Tropes // a site dedicated to tropes in fiction
Your Ghost Stories // an archive of personal ghost stories
Gaming Alexandria // a library of gaming history
Flash Game History // the history of flash games on the internet
Against a User Hostile Web // a essay about hostile user experiences on the web, and what to do about it
Torrenting Guide // one of, if not the best guide to torrenting and pirating media
Yesterweb // a collective documenting the internet and how it's changed