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Writing Directory

Here you can find every piece of writing I've done. Please do not publish exclusive work elsewhere. Text files of my work avaliable upon request. Sensitive Content labled in italics.

Title Discription Tags Published
Dinner Night A slice of Bertie and Brock's life outside of the field. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Baltimore Crabs, Adalberto Tosser, Brock Forbes, Dinner Night, Pure Fluff July 18,2022
Live Ash José Haley burns, he lives on anyways Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Chicago Firefighters, Mexico City Wild Wings, José Haley, Kennedy Rodgers, Joshua Butt, Wesley Poole, Burke Gonzales, Miguel Wheeler, Season 7, Season 8 Fire, Character Death, Fungus, Incineration July 10,2022
Remember Him The Pods all have a connection, but the the Peanuts have something a little deeper, and they remember who they lost. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, LA Unlimited Tacos, Chicago Firefighters, Philly Pies, Peanut Bong, Peanut Holloway Peanutiful Duffy, Post Season 24, Desert, Scattered, Memory Issues, Incineration July 7,2022
Commemorate "Since the incineration of Cedric Gonzalez in season 2, the first such suffered by the Pies, it has become the tradition to create a commemorative pie for each incinerated player, baked with their ashes, to sell from the stadium concession stands. These items turned out to be very popular, and frequently outsell the initial source of ashes, requiring the player to be cloned and reincinerated for the necessary ash to be obtained for maximum respectful profit." This quote on the Pies' blaseball wiki inspired a more literal look at the at the concept, and who would come to be responsible for keeping this up Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Philly Pies, Lucy Tokkan, Eduardo Woodman, Sam the Manager, Ruslan Greatness, Bright Zimmerman, Peanut Holloway, mentions of dead pies, Food Based Horror, Sci-fi Horror, Horror, Season 24, Incineration, Death July 4,2022
Bleed Theo King hates blood. The blooddrain pours. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, San Francisco Lovers, Baltimore Crabs, Knight Triumphant, Theo King, Percival Wheeler, Yosh Carpenter, Season 10, Siphon, Blood, Violence, Poor Communication June 26,2022
Cling A small bout of love and reassurance before Brock reenters the void Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Mexico City Wild Wings, Joshua Watson, Brock Watson, Post Season 24, Seeker June 18,2022
Maybe Commissioner Vapor reflects on grieving. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Canada Moist Talkers, Commissioner Vapor, Mentions of the rest of the team, Depression, Grief June 18,2022
Yosh Carpenter Wiki Update I wrote a large update for the community driven lore for the player Yosh Carpenter Wiki, Baseball, Yosh Carpenter, Hawai’i Fridays, San Francisco Lovers June 16, 2022
German Knight in Arizona: Why one UA professor chose the copper state A profile feature highlighting a distinguished professor for the Tucson Weekly. Journalism, Article, Profile, Feature, Arizona, University of Arizona June 16,2022
This House This Home A visitor provides a bit of missing warmth in Burke and Josh's apartment Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Mexico City Wild Wings, Joshua Watson, Burke Gonzales, NaN June 7,2022
Al Jisr Podcast—Episode 2: Women in Journalism w/ Cassandra Sillik Episode 2 of 6 of the Al Jisr Podcast, graduate student Cassandra Sillik interviews two female Journalists from Yemen to discuss the industry and security. Journalism, Podcast, Yemen, Student Journalism, Women, AudioThe War in Yemen, Death, Violence June, 3 2022
Worldwide Zephyr reflects before exiting the void. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Miami Dale, Zephyr McCloud, Neerie McCloud May 26, 2022
There Will Be No Song For Him A piece of prose focusing on mourning and facing the oncoming black hole Fan Fiction, Blaseball Mexico City Wild Wings,Seattle Garages, Burk Gonzales, Joshua Watson, Brock Watson, Axel Cardenas, Season 24, Character Death May 26, 2022
Light Posts of San Francisco: A Blaseball Zine A mini zine made in the Electric Zine Maker, with new and old artwork about the San Francisco Lovers in the Expansion Era Zine, Blaseball, San Francisco Lovers, Art, Knight Triumphant, Blood, Death, Glitching May 22,2022
The Highs and Lows of Niche Avaian Research Nickname's favorite mysterious teammate pays a visit. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Mexico City Wild Wings, Nickname Yamashita, Scarlet Caster May 22, 2022
Al Jisr Video Project: Shanini Market A collaborative video project with my bridge program from the US and Yemen, I did voice over and script writing! Video, Journalism, Student Journalism, Yemen Apr 18, 2022
RETROSPECTIVE: The Mechanisms— Story Telling and Death A retrospective review of the music and storytelling of The Mechanisms, republished for KAMP Student Radio Journalism, Review, Music, Student Journalism April 17, 2022
REVIEW: Beat the Champ-The Mountain Goats; The Best Sports Story In Music A review of Beat the Champ by the Mountain Goats and my love for professional wrestling for KAMP student radio. Journalism, Review, Music, Student Journalism, Sports, Wrestling April 16, 2022
REVIEW: Ain't It Nice—Mal Blum A review of Mal Blum’s album Ain’t It Nice for KAMP student radio Journalism, Review, Music, Student Journalism April 15, 2022
Al Jisr Podcast—Episode 1:Passions Episode 1 of 6 of the Al Jisr Podcast, a group of students talk about their passions. Fan Journalism, Podcast, Student Journalism, Yemen April 11, 2022
Mini Prompt—Washing Each Other's Hair A mini prompt from Tumblr, Brock takes care of Burke after a nightmare Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Prompt, Mexico City Wild Wings, Brock Watson, Burke Gonzales April 11, 2022
Mini Prompt—Photo In Their Element A mini prompt from Tumblr, Sandford recalls a picture of his husband. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Prompt, San Francisco Lovers, Sandford Garner, Don Mitchell, Milo Brown March 18, 2022
FF—Blaseball: Mini Prompt—Calling Each Other Nicknames A mini prompt from Tumblr, Jode and Rush don't have great nicknames for each other Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Prompt, Miami Dale, Jode Crutch, Rush Ito March 18, 2022
Mini Prompt—Fixing Their Clothes A mini prompt from Tumblr, last moments between siblings Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Prompt, San Francisco Lovers, Chicago Firefighters, Knight Triumphant, Sigmund Castillo, Baby Triumphant March 18, 2022
Early Morning Melody Josh and Brock share a moment by the record player Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Mexico City Wild Wings, Burke Gonzales, Joshua Watson March 13, 2022
Speedboat Heading Towards the End of the World The Dale face the end of the world, Rush regrets his words Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Prompt, Miami Dale, Jode Crutch, Rush Ito, Jomgy Rosenthal, Qais Dogwalker March 13, 2022
Rush Wakes Up Rush has a certain nightmare again Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Prompt, Miami Dale, Jode Crutch, Rush Ito March 10, 2022
Sickly Glow Jode experiences the previously unknown side effects of the Iffey Jr. Fan Fiction, Blaseball, Prompt, Miami Dale, Jode Crutch, Rush Ito March 10, 2022
Spring Fling canceled: ASUA confirms A news article about the cancelation of a massive campus festival and the impact on student organizations Journalism, Student Government, Student Organizations Feburary 27, 2022
Ocean Winds Feel Like Home Pedro has seen many shores, here he finds home Fan Fiction, Blaseball, San Francisco Lovers Pedro Zebulo, Bastion Cambridge, Short Circuit 1 December 5, 2021
The University of Arizona's 68th annual Band Day is back Event article about Band Day returning from the COVID-19 pandemic Journalism, Interview, Marching Band COVID-19 November 28, 2021
Yulia Skitter Wiki Lore Page I wrote the lore page for the community driven lore of Yulia Skitter Wiki, Baseball, Yulia Skitter, San Francisco Lovers November 22, 2021
Ode To Swans and Love Long Lost Jonny and Aurora recall a chance meeting Fan Fiction,The Mechanisms, The Odette, Seigfried, Jonny d'Ville, The Aurora, Nastya Rasputina Character Death Feburary 22, 2021
Life is not a Reality, but We Believe it Anyways The Toy Soldier was never, truly, alive Fan Fiction, The Mechanisms, The Toy Soldier, The Mechansisms CastCharacter Death January 21, 2021